Water Falls

Waterfall is the most attractive scenic view that can be enjoyed in Kerala. The water runs down along the cliffs from a great height which is valued for its breathtakingly picturesque beauty. The Kerala Waterfalls carry a magical quality that allures visitors at very first glance.

You will never find water so pure, playful and pacifying. Crystal clear water cascades down the mountains of Kerala, gurgling and cleaning everything in their way. You will enjoy watching Waterfalls in Kerala wake serene rivers with a magnificent splash. If you are looking forward to let yourself loose in the lap of the nature, cascading waterfalls is the perfect choice for you.

  • Mankayam & Kaalakkayam
  • Palaruvi
  • Thommankuthu
  • Athirappalli & Vazhachal
  • Thusharagiri
  • Powerhouse Waterfall
  • Meenmutty
  • Sentinel Rocks

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