Kerala has many forts and palaces which still stand tall even after hundreds of years after construction. These forts are known for the ferocious battles against the British rulers before independence. The once murky trenches and corridors of the forts are now the best tourism attractions in the state. It is undeniable that these forts are the places of archaeological splendour. One of the most popular forts is Bekal Fort.

The forts stand erect facing the modern democratic are the perfect options to visit. Although, Kerala is one of the most colourful and beautiful states of India, it has also witnessed the incursion of various foreign powers. The imposing forts such as the St. Angelo's Fort, Palakkad Fort etc are built by the colonial powers of Britain.
Kerala has following forts and palaces:

  • Anchuthengu Fort
  • Mattanchery Palace
  • Pallipuram Fort
  • Palakkad Fort
  • St. Angelo's Fort
  • Bekal Fort

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